Birmingham Grad Rental Experience

In late 2017, Liz Butterworth broached the subject of potentially designing a site for her Birmingham graduate rental scheme – Gradshare. In June 2018, her idea became a reality. Essentially a property portfolio, the website also doubles as an online advertisement for Liz’s business. Whilst not being particularly text heavy, it thrives off the beautiful images of Liz’s Birmingham houses, which are complemented by a minimalistic, youthful design.

Jellings Dalton Investments

Financial Services

In August 2016, Jellings Dalton Investments, a newly established nationwide wealth management firm, commissioned me to create an online profile for them. They requested a clean, contemporary look for their site but one which also retained traditional edge. The final design thrives off crisp, clear fonts and a sharp, symmetrical layout which is centred around a selection of photographs of London landmarks and skylines. The site is fully integrated with social media, including a custom built Facebook feed on the news page that’s in-keeping with the aesthetics of the rest of the site. Jellings Dalton also requested the inclusion of a stock markets ticker, a feature that definitely adds a dynamic edge to what is now a vibrant online presence.

Sterling Ceramics

Dental Laboratory

Sterling Ceramics approached me initially in 2010 and were one of my first ever clients. At the time, they did not have a website and were keen to make their presence known on the web. Originally, I designed a vibrant, eye-catching design that made the dental lab stand out on the web amongst its rivals. Although the site did evolve over the years, with aspects such as font style and size of graphics updated to keep the design looking crisp, six years on – in 2016 –  the site was fully upgraded and revamped after a decision was taken to move to using the WordPress platform. Sterling Ceramics was then given a fresh, yet familiar new-look built on a rock-solid modern codebase, allowing the site to continue to make Sterling stand out amongst its competitors online.

Zfx Dental – Birmingham

Dental Milling Centre

Zfx Birmingham is part of an european-wide franchise of milling centres. In early 2015 the director of the Birmingham branch got in touch with me to discuss launching a standalone website for his part of the company, since the parent website appeared quite dated and was mainly targeted at a German audience. Together, we came up with a concept that used a dark colour scheme, distinguishing the Birmingham milling centre both from its competitors as well as from the parent franchise’s website. From 2017, the site also includes an easy-to-use online shop, selling the company’s products.

Christ’s Films

A Films Society based at Christ’s College, Cambridge University

The society’s brand manager contacted me in August 2015 to discuss the rebrand of the society and the possible inclusion of a new website. After outlining the problems with the previous website – principally its out-of-date design and lack of an easy method for updating it- the brand manager and I put together a plan of action for a replacement site to be built over the course of two months in time for the start of the new term. The end-result of our collaboration has led to the implementation of a much cleaner design prioritising simplicity and ease of navigation. Principally it accumulates all information about the society, its history and its current activities into one location. This includes but is not limited to info about upcoming films, an explanation of how to collaborate with the society and of course the incorporation social media feeds. Additionally, the site is built using Wordpress technology, which ensures total freedom for the client when it comes to keeping the site up-to-date – something that was completely absent before.

AJ Wealth Management

Independent Financial Advisor

In January 2015 I was contacted by AJ Wealth Management, an independent financial advisor based in Tettenhall, Wolverhampton. They got in touch as they felt that their previous website was too clunky and lacked the ease of use so important to retain a user’s attention. I produced a design that was both aesthetically pleasing – due to a sparing use of colour making it easy on the eye – and also user friendly, owing to a simple layout lacking unnecessary clutter. The new site also includes social media integration alongside a live stock markets ticker feed. If you’d like to see the fantastic end-product of our collaboration, tap on the adjacent screenshot!

G.S. Halligan

Dental Laboratory

GS Halligan’s previous website was designed in the early 2000s and when I was approached, in 2014, was certainly in need of a refresh. Whilst much of the copy remains the same, a fresh design that looked good on modern wide-screens replaced the dated concept that was no longer suitable for the new age of tablets and smartphones. My design, as with 99% of my sites, was built using WordPress, allowing for the site’s content to be easily updated either by myself or alternatively directly by staff at the laboratory.