Your Brief
This area of my site is aimed at outlining how I carry out web design projects and what information I’ll need from you along the way.

When you first get in touch, I’ll ask if you have any initial ideas for how your site should look and behave. Next, we’ll discuss the material outline, including potential content, images and the role role you require your site to play in your wider business strategy.

I believe that the key to attracting consumers via a website is user experience. If the look & feel is not aesthetically pleasing, your potential customer will look elsewhere. Therefore, if you require any graphical designs such as logos to advertise your site when finished, this service can be be included as part of my service.

When the basics have been covered, I’ll then need some slightly more technical information from you. If you have trouble here, I’ll be more than happy to guide you through this process. The information I need largely relates to the process of actually putting your finished product on the web; and this usually consists of finding out whether or not you own a domain name (web address) and how you’d like to proceed with regards to web hosting.

Ease of communication throughout our project together is extremely important. During the creation of your site, you will be able to contact me at your convenience, with the promise that all emails will be replied to as soon as is humanly possible, often within hours. This makes life easier for everyone.

What’s more, this channel of communication equally remains open your site has gone live, so if ever there’s a technical issue that you’re struggling to solve on your own, you can rest assured that I’ll be on hand to assist.

Web Hosting
Choosing a web host is perhaps your most important decision, as this determines two key factors that can make or break your success on the web: speed and uptime. I’ve experienced a great number of web hosts across the years I’ve been working in the sector, and can offer advice on where best to place your site.

Although I have my favourite hosting providers, I promise not to force you down any particular route. Instead I will equip you with all necessary information, allowing you to make an informed decision to suit both the demands of your site and your budget.

Building Your Site
Once a concept has been agreed upon, I will begin to design and construct your site. I’ll regularly produce drafts, tweaking each version until you are happy. Your project will be available to view 24/7 via my online client area throughout the design process, enabling you to monitor progress and provide feedback at all points.

When your site is finished, it will be published to your web domain on an agreed date. This is known in the business as ‘going live’.

After you go Live
After I’ve completed work on your website, ancillary services such as company email can also be set up for you if required. In addition to this, I can offer you a competitive SEO service, which will optimise the architecture of your site to ensure that it’s accessible to as many people as possible through search engines such as Google and Bing.